Day 4: The long ride to Tupelo

By: Kim Eisenbarth

First, let me thank our gracious hosts from Monday night, Collinwood United Methodist Church.  They fed us and worshipped with us and let us set up "camp" in their sanctuary.

This was our Century Day.  For those of you who do not wear spandex for fun (like cyclists), that means we rode 100 miles today.  Not gonna lie.  It was a challenging day. Weather forecast had promised us warmer temperatures and sunshine. Which we DID get, but not until about 2 pm.  Before that, however, we were cold, had a headwind, and it was misting, which made it feel even colder.

BUT THEN… God parted the clouds and gave us blue skies and sunshine.  Everyone’s mood improved dramatically!

I am so blessed that I am part of the Fuller Center Bike Adventure.  This is truly an amazing week.  35 people from different walks of life come together for a common cause. We come from various religions and politics and careers. But for this one special week we focus on what’s really important: Caring for others, whether through building houses for the Fuller Center or helping a struggling cyclist make it to the next rest stop.  In just a few short days together, we have become a cohesive unit, watching out for others and at times putting their needs ahead of our own.

For this opportunity, we are all truly blessed.

Respectfully submitted by Kim Eisenbarth, first time Fuller rider

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