Day 38: Adventures in Craig, CO

By Brett Safran

After ascending to 11,500 feet and crossing the continental divide twice last week, today’s rest day couldn’t come sooner!  The 8:00 breakfast allowed us to catch up on some much needed sleep, and it was delicious.  Thanks again to Vicky and her friends who prepared 120 breakfast burritos for our team!  Since it was a Sunday morning, we split up into groups and attended the services at four local churches.  A few of us went to the Baptist church, some went to the Catholic church, some stayed at the First Congregational UCC that is hosting our group. Doug, Nicole, Midas, Ben and I attended the Methodist church.  Each group of riders received a warm welcome from the church they visited, and we were all excited to share the news about the Fuller Center’s ministry with each congregation.  Our group was given time during the sermon to talk about the Fuller Center and why we are riding.

After a lunch of sub sandwiches provided by the Moffat County Fuller Center (thank you!), Kristi, Sue and I seized the opportunity to visit Neil and Terry’s home and ride their horses Willie and Smoky.  Willie was the calmer of the two, so we got to ride her with a western saddle around their corral.  It was fun to trot, and attempt to back up on the horse, and make 360 degree maneuvers.  The braver riders, myself excluded, got to ride Smoky bareback!  Thanks so much to Terry and Neil for welcoming us to their home and sharing such a great experience with us!

We shared an amazing pot-luck dinner with folks from the Moffat County Fuller Center and the First Congregational UCC.  There was so much food to choose from, and I counted a total of 11 pies!

The city of Craig lies in a valley, shielded on the North side by a large rock face.  You could see it from the church where we were staying, and just about anywhere in town.  After dinner, most of the team decided to hike up to the top of the cliff and watch the sunset.  What a view!  We could see just about the whole city, the top of church where we were staying, and the sun slipping below the horizon.  It was the perfect end to the day!   

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