Day 37: Getting A Second Chance

By Nadine Fussell

Hi there! I am the FCBA support vehicle driver and photographer. This is my first time driving the support but second time photographing. I heard about the Fuller Center through my college bulletin at SUNY Binghamton, in New York.

Today was a 95 mile ride from Kremmling CO to Craig CO. The riders have had quite a tough climb up these mountains. Today wasn’t as difficult but still the elevation was increased by about 3600 feet. But that was shortly followed by a downhill of over about 5000 feet in 7 miles, which had the most beautiful landscape and intense speed.

Last year, my purpose for the trip was an internship for photography. It was just something to put on my resume. It was a new experience for me and I love to travel so I saw it as an opportunity to expand my knowledge in that way. I definitely gained both knowledge and experience, but I felt like I wasn’t able to open up and take more away from the trip. So when I saw the opportunity to be the van driver, I jumped on it for a re-do.

Joining the Fuller Center for the ride from Savannah Georgia to Vancouver Canada was the best decision I’ve made this year. Last year I didn’t allow myself to explore the advantages that the Fuller Center had to offer and I just hid behind my camera. I feel blessed to have this second chance to make more of an impression. I feel truly fulfilled when I can help make someone happy. Being able to witness the joy and thankfulness in a persons face that we help is what I will never want to forget.

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