Day 30: Resting in La Junta

By Landon Beachy

We’re enjoying a most welcome rest day in La Junta, CO today. Sleeping in to recharge our "batteries" and prepare to tackle the obstacles called The Rocky Mountains. Since we left Oklahoma City the scenery has gradually changed to wheat fields and plains until yesterday when it started looking like the foothills. Tomorrow will be our first glimpse of the mountains. I am really looking forward to the majestic beauty. 

Tour de Fuller news —- Last week we had strong winds out of the south which made for some serious fun cause we were going mostly north for three days. One seven mile downhill stretch had everyone grinning from ear to ear. 50 mph was the top speed recorded by one of our team members. Don’t tell his mother. 

Some of the notable roads we rode on were several days of Historical Route 66 in OK and TX. We are currently on US 50 which runs from MD to CA. 

People are amazed when we tell them our travel agenda. It does seem pretty unbelievable until you break it down to one mile at a time, 20 miles at a time, one day at a time, what ever you can handle. But isn’t that how life is for each of us.  

I continue to be amazed at peoples generosity. One young man in Pizza Hut inquired about what we were about. After I gave him a brief overview he went back to his wife and 3 children. Before we left he came over and started asking more questions. He said he didn’t have a lot of money but wanted to make a donation. I think God will bless him for his gift. I know it blessed me. 

Prayer requests would be that we represent Christ well, continued safety on the highways, patience with each other as we work together. 

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