Day 25: Riding to a New Partner

By Doug Costlow

Today we rode from Weatherford, OK to Elk City, OK.  It was a short ride at only 47 miles but it felt like a longer day then we would expect.  We rode on a stretch of gravel road which was fun but slowed everyone down and then proceeded to follow historic Route 66 until we arrived in Elk City.  The relatively flat riding allowed me to get in some good conversations with some of the other riders as well.  I’ve only been riding with everyone for the past week and a half and it is good to hear everyone’s stories. 

After we arrived in Elk City a few of us decided that some donuts and chocolate milk were in order so we walked to the grocery store across the street from the church to fulfill our hunger.  While at the store we were approached by a woman, her name was Sandra, who said she had heard about the bike adventure earlier that morning on the radio. We briefly spoke with her about the ride.  When we got to the register to pay for our donuts she was waiting and paid for everything.  We thanked her, shared a few hugs and let her know that we were staying at the church across the street.  We walked back to the church and as we were enjoying our donuts Sandra walked in and we were able to share with her a little more about the ride and what we had done already.  She was very appreciative of the purpose of the ride and decided to make a donation to the effort to end poverty housing right there on the spot.  At that point we all shared a few more hugs, got a picture with her and then Sandra left.  This is the type of experience that happens on the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure and better yet it’s something that happens almost daily.  Riding our bikes, working on houses and most importantly showing God’s love in an extremely practical ways just draws people to this effort and it’s what keeps bringing me back to this ride.              


For dinner we were served a delicious authentic Mexican meal by the newly formed Fuller Center covenant partner in Elk City.  After dinner we were able to share more about the Fuller Center with some of the local people and a reporter who will be doing a story about our ride in tomorrow’s local newspaper.  Overall it has been a great day for the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.  I’m looking forward to what is ahead in our adventure.


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