Day 21: Oklahoma City

By Steven Szafranski

Today we rode 56 miles from Paul’s Valley, OK to Oklahoma City, OK.  We left early in the morning and we were greeted by another beautiful sun rise to start our day. Tom led our morning devotional today with a very inspiring speech that touched our hearts and helped motivate us. After consecutive days of 95 and 80 miles, today was a relatively easy ride aside from a slight head wind.

The dynamic of the ride changed as we approached Moore, OK just before arriving at our destination. Just over a month ago on May 20th, 2013, a devastating tornado swept through the area destroying everything in its path.  The disaster took the lives of 24 people including 9 children and injured hundreds more. I have never felt a more humbling experience than riding through the town earlier today.  Entire lots were completely leveled and barren.  Trees stood twisted and distorted.  The site was incredible to witness even over a month later. 

More impressive was the response in the community. As we pedaled past areas, there were workers everywhere cleaning up branches, fixing roofs, and helping the community get back on its feet. We are staying at St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church tonight.  They have generously provided us with plenty of food and snacks.  I am excited to have the opportunity to help contribute to the area.

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