Day 2: Savannah to Claxton

By Caleb Farrow and Kristina Oliver

Second day of this new adventure was awesome in so many ways! We rode from Frist Presbyterian Church downtown Savannah, GA, to Claxton, GA.  Although it was the second day of the trip it was the first long ride of about fifty-five miles! We had our first flat tire today, but we all made it to the First Baptist Church in one piece.  Being our first long ride, many are feeling sore and tired.  Being a part of this group is a very rewarding thing and it has just begun that’s the cool part. This adventure has already made us all closer because it is not only a bike ride, but we now already feel like a family. In fact, the memories and friends made will never be forgotten. The endurance and courage needed to travel across country really make people bond tremendously close. Through rain, wind, heat, sore bodies, and many of miles on the road each individual pushes on. Today we experienced a few minutes of rain, and a hot afternoon.  We received many great blessings as we attended church this morning.  The First Presbyterian Church made a great lunch, and we had a great time meeting members of the church.  We are all ready to get back out there tomorrow, but we are happy to get a good night rest.  Check back in tomorrow to see what the new day brings to our adventure.

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