Day 17: It's the Journey, Not the Destination

By Carol Hawkins

Today was a huge deal.  Three states.  We left Shreveport, Louisiana and our lovely cots at the Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament early and went north to Arkansas.  We traveled along the border of Texas.  We finally ended in Red Lick at the United Methodist Church.

As I was rolling along today, I realized life is much like riding a bike.  You should not be so focused on your designated path that you miss important aspects, like pot holes and doors flying open.  You also have to be flexible when the path you are on is obviously not the best choice.  In life, just as riding a bike, you get what you put into it.  If you feel like coasting along, you only go so far and you best have a leg and level ground to prevent you from going over and crashing.  Crashing at slow motion hurts more then at high speeds.  Slow motion crashes are bruising to your pride as well as your body.  

There are days when the ride is too much and one must quit, but as long as you get back on the bike the next day you will continue on.  It is that moment that you waver and fail to go forward that defines your ability to bounce back.  In those moments just getting back up and pedaling on means that you will arrive at the destination.  If you do not, you may spend some time at that place where you stopped.

For me Life is about the journey not the destination.  I ride my bike in a similar fashion. Focusing on the world around me and things or joy and happiness.  I am never happier than when I am on my bike.

Today it I also realized that those hills that always seem to be in my path are truly defining moments.  With each climb, I get stronger, and I can usually get that last push over the crest. Once at the top you have two choices:  you can either coast down the hill and work hard at climbing the next hill or you can build up your momentum to carry you almost to the crest of the next hill.  Either choice is fine, but I find it more enjoyable to allow momentum to move you forward.  Life is often similar.  That really tough thing you just went through, it will end soon or level out.  You can build yourself up to push to that final crest and allow momentum to push you through to the next difficulty, or you can coast along and work harder during the next hill.

Many thanks to the lovely people at the Red Lick United Methodist Church for the food, drinks, showers and hospitality.  It is greatly appreciated.

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