Day 13: The Gracious South

By Cindy Martin

As I was pedaling down Hwy 80 trying to figure out what to write about it occurred to me how very proud I am to be a Southerner. A far cry from 1979- when a 16 year old California hippie was planted here by her parents. I thought I was going to die!!! What beautiful states Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana truly are. But more than their beauty is the quality of life we have here. We take time to talk to strangers. We open our hearts and homes to everyone. We put God first, then family and offer a helping hand to anyone that needs it. More than any other area in the country-we raise our children in the church. We want our churches to be a place for our children to receive fellowship, learn to help others, educate them in God’s plan. Sanctuary from all the outside influences- that can lead them down the wrong path.  I love that the women are strong and the men gentle.  I love that no matter how busy we are, we slow down when God sends us someone or something that needs us. Sometimes he sends a 53 y/o down Hwy 80 to wake up and pay attention to his message.

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