Day 12: Across the Mississippi river

By Landon Beachy

Last evening was a special time with the people from Meadow Brook Baptist Church in Brandon, MS. After a

great dinner we were a part of their Wednesday evening service. Each of the riders shared a bit of what they have experienced on the ride so far. For some it was a step of faith which has been straightened. It has also renewed our appreciation for people with good hearts, who have blessed us with the willingness to take us in for showers and feed us even though we were strangers a short bit earlier. It erases some of the preconceived notions we may have had. I’m sure there will be more lessons as we go. 

Today we rode 80+ miles to Richmond, LA. Another new 
state for us. The first 18 miles were through the

outskirts of Jackson so it was a relief to get on a side road. But unfortunately it was the bumpiest section of road so far and quite a few dogs who didn’t like cyclists who invaded their territory. Happy to say we survived both without any causalities. The highlight was crossing the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. Since the I-20 bridge was not an option for bicyclists we had special permission to cross the old Vicksburg bridge which is normally closed to traffic. We stopped in the middle of the bridge where the Louisiana state line was to take pictures. To add some interest a train, which shared the bridge, came by while we were there. Our own private party as it were. 20 miles of pancake flat roads got us to our overnight stop at the Richmond Rec Center. A shower, nap, dinner, work on a couple of bikes, write this blog and now to bed. Tomorrow is a 90+ mile day. 
Keep us in your prayers for safety and health.

One Comment

  • It’s a sight to behold. We crossed at Quincy, IL in 2011. One lane was closed to traffic so we got to stop and take pictures instead of just "take your lane." The approach had been submerged 3 weeks earlier from high water when we left Los Angeles.


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