Day 10: Hope Does Not Disappoint


By Nicole Bies
Hello to all of the amazing Fuller Center Followers!

I will just sit right here and tell you all about our fifty-four mile adventure from Demopolis, Alabama to Meridian, Mississippi today. Find a comfy spot and let’s begin the story…


Today was a lovely shade of grey with scattered rain droplets here and there as we left in route across the Alabama border to our final destination of the cozy First Baptist Church of Meridian. Within fifteen miles of beginning our ride the scattered rain became our friend riding with us for at most ten miles. Then the sky cleared, paving our way through our one rest stop of the day and then on to Meridian.


Now that I have set the scene for you— Let’s time travel together to Cuba, Alabama where the real adventure of the day began. I will just tell you now that every time I see some type of animal on this trip I want to stop and play with it. But I never do because of two reasons. First, I need to keep riding and do not have time to pet a cow, dog, birds, dead armadillo (just kidding), or emu(yes, we really did see one). Second, in the situation of a dog- it could have rabies or bite me.  After about thirty miles we arrived in the small town of Cuba, Alabama. While biking passed the only gas station in town probably, Kristi and I saw a black lab puppy begin to follow us. It was sweet and gentle, so I convinced Kristi to stop with me. After a few minutes of playing we got back on our bikes to finish our short journey of the day. Crazy enough, the dog ran with us at our pace for eight or more miles. It followed us across the Alabama border into Mississippi. Eventually we realized the dog was going to get hurt by a car if it continued on, so we led it back to a gas station to be brought back home.

At this point we were only fourteen miles from Meridian. The puppy (which I named Secretariat) had given me hope. If a puppy can run with a limp for eight or more miles, I can finish this ride strong. The puppy arrived as a I was frustrated mentally and physically. I was having a weak day. But I was given hope and hope does not disappoint.  Hope carried me for eight miles and then carried me on my way to Meridian.

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