Day 1: First time…

By: Kurt Emperado

Dip your back wheel in the Atlantic Ocean shore. Check! Today was the first riding day of this epic coast to coast ride with the Fuller Center for Housing-Bike Adventure. We pedaled a beautiful 18 miles under clear skies, on mostly flat roads interjected by a couple of bridges that warmed up our legs and tested our climbing endurance. I last mounted my bike in…ehhh…in 2012, so this was definitely a shock to my body and my ego. Nevertheless, I made it to the church destination; a little thirsty, a little hungry, a little sore, and a lot burnt from the hot Savannah sun. Biker’s
tan anyone?

Before we set out on the road today from Tybee Island, we had a continuation of orientation from the day before, when riders were trickling in from various parts of the country. Some flew, some rode the bus, train, or a combination of all of those. We even have an international volunteer from the Netherlands joining us for the whole nine weeks. Go Midas! The orientation had ice breakers, rules sharing, chore assignments, and a lot of jokes, mostly from Tom and Kurt, my new twin, who I know will always bring comic relief to any situation. Unlike some school and work orientations, this was very fun and meaningful for everyone. Each and every person was passionate about riding hundreds, if not thousands of miles across the country, AND more importantly, serving others and giving of themselves. This is where I want to be and this is the group to ride and build with! 


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