David Snell’s 75th birthday fundraiser

Fuller Center for Housing President David Snell is turning 75! We know — he can’t believe it, either!

People ask why doesn’t he retire, but he insists that — just like Millard Fuller — he can’t find the word “retirement” anywhere in the Bible.  He’s in good health, has both of his original knees and hips, gets up every morning with a pretty good idea where he’s at, and, most importantly, he loves what he’s doing.

David, who turns 75 on July 8, wants to celebrate his birthday by building a house, and he’d be greatly honored if you’d help him do that. He’ll turn 75 just this once, so he won’t keep bugging you, but if you could send a shekel or two to The Fuller Center, it would help him reach his goal.

Thank you for being a friend to The Fuller Center for Housing and to David.