Fuller center for housing PRESIDENT

David has been a leader in affordable housing for 30 years starting with Habitat in Tijuana, then as the director of Habitat Education Ministries followed by 7years as president of Habitat for Humanity Colorado. A co-founder of The Fuller Center, David traveled the world extensively as the Vice President for Programs before the board elected him President following Millard Fuller’s death in 2009. David continues to travel the globe extensively.

Embrace the things we can change, and counter negative energy with your positive actions

In this short, uplifting video message, Fuller Center President David Snell acknowledges that the world can appear to be full of negativity right now, but we should embrace the things we have the power to change. He outlines how we can infuse God’s world with positive energy by seeking joy in the many blessings we have, sharing love through meaningful acts of kindness to those in need and by having faith in the Lord to bring us through hard times.

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