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David has been a leader in affordable housing for 30 years starting with Habitat in Tijuana, then as the director of Habitat Education Ministries followed by 7years as president of Habitat for Humanity Colorado. A co-founder of The Fuller Center, David traveled the world extensively as the Vice President for Programs before the board elected him President following Millard Fuller’s death in 2009. David continues to travel the globe extensively.

Easter is the perfect time to look forward

It’s Good Friday, a somber day when we ponder the magnitude of Jesus’ suffering and death and the miracle of forgiveness that came as the result. By the simple act of asking in His name all of our sins are washed away. What a gift!

My thoughts this day turn to Tony Campolo’s wonderful sermon, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s comin.’” On Sunday our sorrow will turn to joy as we celebrate the second miracle of the season, Christ’s resurrection from the dead. Just as his death on the cross carried the promise of redemption, his resurrection carries the promise of eternal life. The whole world should rejoice.

It is fitting that Easter comes in the springtime as we watch the earth awake from its winter slumber and burst into leaf and flower all around us. Just as the resurrection brings the promise of eternal life, spring reminds us of God’s eternal love and the majesty of resurgent life.

An interesting aspect of the progression from Good Friday to Easter is how it transitions our thinking from looking back at our error-filled lives to looking forward to redemption and salvation. Christ’s atonement allows us to set the burdens of our sinful past behind us and look forward to a joyful reunion with God and those we love.

The practical part in me looks at how this transition might apply to us here at The Fuller Center, not so much as putting aside our sins as turning from the past to the future. We’re celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, and rightly remembering all of the wonderful things that have happened in this ministry. Along with that, though, we need to give thought to the future and where we hope to take this ministry in the years to come.

We know, for example, that, despite the good work we’re doing, the need in the world is great. Millard Fuller was fond of saying that the resources exist for everyone on the planet to have a decent place to live and our assignment is to get some of those resources redirected. So one of our challenges is finding new and better ways of bringing new resources to the table.

We also know that the work we do is a true blessing, not just to the new homeowners but to the thousands of volunteers who give of their time and talents to get the houses built. We need to continue to expand our volunteer opportunities. It’s hard to find a more joyful experience than spending a week with good-hearted souls making life better for God’s people in need.

And finally we need to continually renew our Christian focus. We like to say that we’re unashamedly Christian and enthusiastically ecumenical, and we are. We don’t like to be preachy about it, though, but do need to let folks know that the work we do is driven by our faith. Christianity can always use better press.

My prayer this Easter is that we might all find comfort in the miracles of the season. We’re going through an especially hard time right now, and I wish good health to all. This crisis will pass. May we come through it as better people and a more righteous nation, ever looking to a future filled with blessings and joy.

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