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David has been a leader in affordable housing for more than 30 years starting with Habitat in Tijuana, then as the director of Habitat Education Ministries followed by 7 years as president of Habitat for Humanity Colorado. A co-founder of The Fuller Center, David traveled the world extensively as the Vice President for Programs before the board elected him President following Millard Fuller’s death in 2009. David continues to travel the globe extensively.

A tribute to Millard Fuller — fifteen years later

It’s been 15 years since our old friend and mentor, Millard Fuller, moved on to build houses on higher ground. We still miss him — he was one of a kind. It was though he had been specifically designed to do the work he did — intelligence, an effervescent personality, amazing communications skills and faith all combined to produce one of the truly remarkable men of our time.

He and his wife, Linda, gave away their wealth at an early age, so Millard didn’t have much money of his own, but he was a master at getting others to joyfully part with some of theirs to fund a righteous cause. Millard wasn’t a carpenter, but he motivated thousands of skilled and unskilled workers to build hundreds of thousands of houses all around the world. Millard wasn’t a preacher, but he could out-preach the best of them.

One measure of success is creating something that survives, and in this Millard did very well. Habitat for Humanity, the housing ministry Millard Linda founded 48 years ago, continues to build with families in need. The Fuller Center for Housing, a second housing ministry that Millard founded, is thriving, even though he only had four years to put a foundation under it. To this day the memory of his inspired leadership encourages people to continue to support his vision.

And the vision lives on and is hard at work. The Fuller Center for Housing, established to carry on Millard’s dream of eliminating poverty housing, now has covenant partner organizations in 95 US cities and 22 other countries. Thousands of families now have a decent home thanks to generous donors and tireless volunteers. We honor his memory by keeping his dream alive.

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