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David has been a leader in affordable housing for 30 years starting with Habitat in Tijuana, then as the director of Habitat Education Ministries followed by 7years as president of Habitat for Humanity Colorado. A co-founder of The Fuller Center, David traveled the world extensively as the Vice President for Programs before the board elected him President following Millard Fuller’s death in 2009. David continues to travel the globe extensively.

Diane Bies (left) snaps a selfie with Jessica McClain and David Snell in Indianapolis Saturday.

Trip to Indianapolis reveals so much about what makes Fuller Center's ministry so special

I spent this last weekend in Indianapolis. I came to join in the celebration of the life of Chuck Vogt, the man who helped found The Fuller Center’s work here and led it to remarkable success.

They have built 32 houses since 2008 and, in the process, have transformed entire neighborhoods. These houses stand as a fitting tribute to Chuck and his dedication to helping God’s people to have a decent place to call home.

The service was lovely—apparently Chuck pretty much planned it, which came as no surprise to those who knew him well! The church was packed—and it’s not a small church—a testament of the many lives Chuck touched.

He lived a life of service to his family, his community, the church, and to God’s people in need. Then-Governor Mike Pence presented him with the Distinguished Hoosier Award for many years of volunteer service.

Millard Fuller often said that what the Fuller Center needs more than money, which can always be found, more than volunteers, who seem to flock to our work, and more than families of need, of which there are entirely too many, what we need are leaders. Chuck Vogt answered the call. Over the years he gave countless hours leading builds, raising money, motivating volunteers and simply getting the job done. And he did this as a volunteer. Beyond that he recruited others to serve at his side creating a successful organization run entirely by volunteers.

As it happened The Fuller Center of Central Indiana was dedicating their 33rd house on Saturday and to make the weekend complete the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventurers were in town on their journey across America. It was like a perfect storm of that most important Fuller Center value– volunteerism.

I stopped by the house to say hello on my way back to the airport. It was a sea of orange with Bicycle Adventurers hard at work everywhere putting the finishing touches on the house. These folks had spent the last five days riding the 200 plus miles from Peoria to Indy and still found the energy to help build a house!

One of the things that is most rewarding to me in this work is the quality of people I get to rub shoulders with. The Fuller Center attracts good people, people who want to do as Christ asked and show a little love to those in need. They give of their most precious commodity—their time. That’s the one asset we have that can’t be replenished. They are kind, they are friendly, and they are giving. They are angels walking among us.

Chuck Vogt was one.

So were the volunteers from Rolls Royce, who pretty much built the 33rd house. And so are the Bicycle Adventurers and the volunteers across the country and around the world who make this house-building ministry work. What a blessing to be working at their side!

Slideshow: Saturday’s build day & home dedication

Slideshow: Remembering our friend Chuck Vogt

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  • It must have been a very great occasion for the 33rd homeowner family to have their Fuller Home dedicated by David Snell, the President of FCFH himself! I also appreciate each of the Bicycle Adventurers for having lend their helping hand!

  • We’re proud of all the riders and their support teams….. Especially proud of Murph and Wendy MacFarland…


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