Dad sees late daughter’s love for God live on through new Fuller Center home

(Bossier Press-Tribune photo) Bryan Reed (left) helps assemble pieces that will become the Molly Reed home. The house is being built in memory of his daughter, who was killed in a car accident more than a decade ago.

Molly Reed was just 15 when she died in an automobile accident with friends Katy Watkins and Emily Perdue in 2006. Now, her father is working with The Fuller Center and church partners to build a home for a Bossier City, Louisiana, family in her memory. It’s in the same area where two Fuller Center houses already have been in memory of Katy Watkins, while another is planned in honor of Emily Perdue.

“The exciting thing, as Molly’s dad, is to know how excited she would be that this is happening,” Bryan Reed tells the Bossier Press-Tribune. “Her desire was to make a difference. It’s amazing what the three girls have done beyond this life and the legacy they have created.”

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