Customizable brochure — 8.5-by-11, tri-fold Word format only

download word file

Fuller Center covenant partners can now download a new customizable brochure in an easy-to-adjust and customize Word document. Word is not advanced design software but is far more common and easy to use.

Covenant partners can use the basic information in the document, tweak the wording or replace with their own verbiage. You can also replace photos with those from your own projects. Be sure to change the address, phone numbers and website to your own. VERY IMPORTANT: Change the “Your Town, ST” under the logo on the cover to reflect your normal covenant partner logo, i.e. “Americus, GA”.

We would suggest having the person you know who is most familiar with Microsoft Word programs make changes. The program can be a little quirky, and any adjustments will alter the layout, which means that you will have to edit text and crop photos to make the brochure layout fit the tri-fold specifications it currently meets in its base form.

When it comes time to output (File>Export) your final, edited product, you will need to export each page separately as separate PDF files — such as “Page 1” and “Page 2”. Few printers will accept a two-page file for a front-and-back print product such as this. (Click the “Options” tab in the export window for the option to select which page to output.)

If you have a local printer whom you trust and like their pricing, that’s great. They are more likely to be able to communicate any issues that may arise prior to printing. The Fuller Center uses a local printer but also has worked often with online companies PS Print and UPrinting, both of whom have provided excellent quality work, good customer service and technical support, and offer very reasonable pricing. (For reference, as of Oct. 18, 2019, UPrinting quoted a cost of $123.08 for 500 copies of a full-color, front-and-back, trifold brochure of this size on typical 100 lb. gloss paper, not counting tax and shipping.) For 1,000 copies, it would be just $10 more. Shop around and find a printer you prefer.


download word file