Located on the Chattahoochee River, which divides Georgia and Alabama, Cusseta and Chattahoochee County is a community of less than 4,000 people. The Cusseta Fuller Center for Housing is far from the largest community that The Fuller Center serves; in fact it may be the smallest community. Yet within a year of formation, it has built its first home and is planning its second. The staff of The Fuller Center for Housing calls Cusseta Fuller Center, “The Little Covenant Partner That Could.”

How did they do it? They rallied the local community, used outside resources like the Student Builders from the University of Notre Dame, and along with a series of fund raisers, they steadily reached their goal.

Another Successful Event:
Cusseta-Chattahoochee Chamber of Commerce helped raise $1,000 at their recent Chamber dinner to go toward the building efforts of low income housing for the Cusseta Fuller Center for Housing. The event held as an annual fundraiser for Cusseta Fuller Center for Housing will help towards the construction of the second Fuller Center home in Cusseta. To read more about this event click HERE. 

Special Event:
There will be a community breakfast fundraiser on Saturday, February 13, at Jus Barbecue. Proceeds from the fundraiser will help Cusseta Fuller Center for Housing with the goal of raising funds to support the building of their second home. To learn more about the event contact Al Tatom at 706-681-5777. 

Contact Information:
Carol Greer, President of Cusseta Fuller Center for Housing   
Cusseta Fuller Center for Housing
PO Box 283

CussetaGA 31805

(706) 718-1901

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