Crescent City, CA to Eureka, CA: Something for Everyone!

By Sarah Doren
2012 Bicycle Adventurer

Today was a ride like no other I have experienced in my rides with the Fuller Center Bike Adventure. This is my third year participating in the adventures so I am making my comparison to many wonderful and challenging days over the years and today had something for everyone. We climbed, we cruised. There were gravel paths and silky streets. We saw tall trees and the deep waters of the ocean. Today was the kind of ride that was consistently changing and its variety provided a taste of many things a bike adventure day could include.

The day started off with a climb out of Crescent City, CA into the Redwood Forest. I was struck by the beauty of the sunlight through the trees as the mist settled all around us. I almost crashed my bike taking in the sights of these humongous trees. I am from western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and I have seen my share of trees but these trees dwarfed them all. I couldn’t believe how tall they were and the size of their trunks. Amazing! The day continued with views of the ocean and passing through elk country. I have seen several elk signs along the road before but until today never actually seen the animal. I saw two large herds grazing in the fields as I rode past. It’s pretty cool to see a field with grazing elk to one side of the road and the ocean on the other.

The day ended with some rough roads and gravel bike paths before a smooth flat ride into Eureka. I laughed as we weaved our way through the back roads about how similar back woods farm land looks no matter where you are. At one point today I might have believed I was in Indiana instead of California.

I enjoyed today’s ride and its sights however I am also relieved to have a day off from riding tomorrow. It’s our second rest day and after riding a day with such variety, I think I need the rest to get ready for our next day that has a little something for everyone, even me.

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