Manual: Covenant partner communications checklist

It is vitally important that Fuller Center covenant partners have open and effective back-and-forth communications with Fuller Center headquarters. Here is a checklist your covenant partner should strongly consider:

Checklist: Communication with headquarters

This applies only to new covenant partners. Go to and submit the basic information requested on the form. When your partner becomes official, this information will be used to create your listing in our directory at

With dozens of covenant partners spread out across the nation, we cannot be on top of every great story. So, we’ve created a simple online form where you can submit stories, photos and links. Some we will share on social media, some we’ll share on the website and in print and some we will follow up with you for more detailed features. Go to to contribute — and be sure to bookmark it.

We send e-newsletters to the general public, but we also have emails that contain information specific to covenant partner operations. This list is constantly updated, so if you have any new board members or any who need to be removed from our Covenant Partner Board Members email list, please let Chris Johnson ( or Cathy Smith ( know.

This Facebook group allows us to have members-only discussions and to share news and ideas with other Fuller Center Covenant Partners. All members have the ability to post, share and comment. Your participation in the group will benefit your partner and other partners. Visit and request to join. Then, invite members of your board to join, as well.

You will find items worth seeing and/or worth sharing on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn feeds. Facebook is, by far, our most active site, followed by Instagram. YouTube is more of a repository for videos that we share in other places, but you can copy the links and use those videos as you need. They date back to our first few years with Millard Fuller.

While we can’t produce separate brochures for each of our covenant partners, we now have a platform where you can customize brochures and rack cards using our templates on Canva. You can change a little, nothing, or a lot — whatever you are comfortable with. You can find links to the templates and an explainer video at

There are a lot of links at as visitors to the site are looking for a host of different things — from giving options to volunteer opportunities to information about running a covenant partner. So, we suggest bookmarking some of the links to which you may want to refer quickly, such as:
Covenant partner directory
Submit your news
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Global Builders
Shop Fuller Center store
Faith Builders information

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