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Why does your CP need insurance? 

Browse this PowerPoint used at the 2010 Covenant Partner Conference for some answers.

Volunteer Insurance provides coverage for volunteers on site. Covenant Partners should purchase volunteer accident insurance before building begins. With any organizational activity, there is always the possibility that a participant may suffer an injury.

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Volunteer Accident Insurance Form

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O) provides financial protection for the directors and officers of your covenant partner in the event they are sued in conjunction with the performance of their duties as they relate to the covenant partner.

Overview                              Appiclation (PDF)                     Example        

Contractors General Liability Insurance provides financial protection for the builder in the event there is an accident or injury or property damage due to the performance of the contractor. We offer two options:

  • Two year Sunset – This option is less costly, but also provides less coverage. Coverage will end two years after the end of the policy term, and will not provide coverage for any claim presented after the end of the two-year period.
  • Full Occurrence – This option is more costly, but provides much broader coverage. This is a standard occurrence policy that covers claims that occur within the policy period. However, there are certain conditions in the policy that obligate the insured to manage their subcontractors.
Contractors General Liability Overview              Application                  Example                  

Builders Risk Insurance insures the property while it is under construction against vandalism, accidental losses, damage or destruction of property.

Builders Risk Insurance Overview                       Application                 Example         

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance provides coverage in situations where your employees or volunteers are driving vehicles that are NOT owned by the covenant partner while engaged in the nonprofit’s business or thier work for the nonprofit. The purpose of this policy is to provide what is known as "excess coverage" because the insurance of the owner of the vehicle will be primary. If there is an accident that results in injury that exceeds the limits or is not covered by the insurance of the vehicle’s owner, there is a possibility that the nonprofit will be sued. Non-owned/hired auto insurance is to provide coverage to protect the nonprofit should such a situation arise.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto Insurance OverviewApplicationExample

Other Coverages
If any of the following situations exist, please contact Curtis Steele at HHB to determine what coverage is needed and to obtain the proper applications.

  • You have employees and may need Workers Compensation insurance
  • You own or lease office space or own your own tools.
  • You operate a thrift store.
  • You own vehicles.
  • You enter into lease-purchase agreements with homeowners.

Homeowner’s Insurance
You need to ensure that there is no insurance gap between the completion of the building project and occupation by the new homeowners. It is important that you work closely with the new homeowners to not only educate them about homeowners insurance, but to make sure that they have access to insurance. Stephanie Campbell at Mercury Insurance Group can work with you and the homeowner to ensure a smooth transition.
Contact Stephanie Campbell:
Main Phone: (865) 457-0981
Direct Fax:   (866) 353-7518
Direct: (865) 425-1012

Insurance Agents, happy to answer any questions you might have:

Steve Shelton
Director, Franchise & Affinity Division
Appalachian Underwriters

Phone: 888-376-9633 Ext 8466
Cell: 601-594-1532

Curtis Steele
TLC Insurance
HH&B Insurance

Phone: 540-434-2398
Or, toll-free: 800-648-1932
Fax: 540-434-7100

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