COVID-19 Risk Assessment Guide

Click here for a downloadable/printable Excel sheet with the same questions below. Click the down arrow buttons below to see what degree of risk is associated with your answers:


Answer to this question MUST be Yes. If not, stop immediately and correct! Download the COVID waiver here.

Risk Definition Risk Rating
1-2 Low
3-9 Medium
10-plus High
Risk Definition Risk Rating
They are all local Low
From one other location Medium
Mix of multiple locations High
Risk Definition Risk Rating
Under 45 Low
45-64 Medium
65-plus High


Risk Definition Risk Rating
outdoors–plenty of room Low
outdoors but close quarters or indoors with plenty of room Medium
indoors–close quarters High
Risk Definition Risk Rating
Yes — well more than 6 feet Low
Yes — around 6 feet Medium
No — less than 6 feet High
Risk Definition Risk Rating
Yes — plenty of room Low
Yes — some room Medium
No — very little room High
Risk Definition Risk Rating
Workers will generally be working alone Low
Workers in small groups with the capacity to maintain social distance while engaged in work activity Medium
Workers in large groups (more than 4) or workers in small groups where it will be difficult to maintian social distancing High


To ensure safety, the answer to each of these questions should be “yes”:

  • Does each person have their own water bottle?
  • Does each person have a mask that fits properly?
  • Have all tools been sanitized before the start of the workday?
  • Can you sanitize touched surfaces of tools between users?
  • Are a handwashing sink, soap, and paper towels available for worker use?
  • Is sanitizer available on site?

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