Covenant partners see strong volunteer support for Faith in Action

Director of U.S. Field Operations Kirk Lyman-Barner said today that he was impressed with the volunteerism during Faith in Action weekend and hopes to see the movement spread across the nation through the work of Fuller Center for Housing covenant partners.

Two of the biggest turnouts were in a couple of The Fuller Center’s “A” locations — Americus, Ga., and Atlantic City, N.J.

The Americus-Sumter Fuller Center for Housing had 52 volunteers work Saturday on four different projects, while 41 showed on Sunday to work on a former Habitat for Humanity house that had fallen into disrepair and suffered storm damage. Seven churches stepped forward to steer most of the volunteer labor to Americus FCH.

Meanwhile, Atlantic City got a huge boost from Trinity Evangelical Church of North Reading, Mass., delivered a team through the Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders’ Bart Tucker to work on six projects in the Superstorm Sandy-damaged city. The focus of the work primarily was on three memorial projects in memory of Joining Hands founder Jim Sennet, who died earlier this year. Joining Hands has a history of partnership with the Disaster ReBuilders.

Because of the age of most of the damaged homes with their outdated systems, previous damage, mold issues and the fact that many are row homes, Tucker said the recovery work in Atlantic City is as tough as any on which the Disaster ReBuilders have worked. He also said that Atlantic City remains in need of volunteers and teams to assist the recovery efforts.

If you would like to know more about efforts in Atlantic City, contact Atlantic City Fuller Center Director Alvin Taliaferro at If you would like to assemble a U.S. Build trip with The Fuller Center, please click here.

Lyman-Barner encourages Fuller Center covenant partners and leaders wishing to learn more about Faith in Action or enhancing relations with churches to contact him at 229-924-2900 or

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