Covenant Partner Listing Information

All of The Fuller Center for Housing’s covenant partners get a simple webpage on The Fuller Center’s website and are listed in a directory of covenant partners. These pages contain very basic contact information and a little about your service area and plans to address housing needs in your community. There also is a donate button on the page where donors can choose to give directly to your covenant partner through a dropdown menu, but this should not be considered a primary location to seek donations. If you have signed up to become a U.S. Builders host site, we will designate that on your webpage and in the directory, as well. Please provide your basic information through the form below, hit the “submit” button, and we will add/update your listing as soon as possible. Thank you.

Official name of your covenant partner
Leader’s name and title (i.e. “John Doe” President)
Email address
Facebook page URL (if applicable)
Twitter user name (if applicable)
Website URL (if applicable)
“About us” information. (In just a few sentences, tell us a little bit about your service area and the kind of work you plan to do — i.e. mostly new homes, repairs, etc.)
“Needs” information. (What are your most pressing needs? i.e. “volunteers, donations and church support,” etc.)