Couple in Lanett, AL having an “indescribable” experience at Legacy Build

Two years ago Max and Robin Pierre relocated from their home in Massachusetts to the town of Lanett, AL to be closer to Robin’s father.

Shortly after moving to Valley, Robin’s father introduced her to Kim Roberts, director of the Chattahoochee Valley Fuller Center Project. The two became fast friends, and Robin began volunteering with the Fuller Center before and after her job at Circle K.

“The first home I helped build was the Women’s Build last year and it was phenomenal,” says Robin of her involvement with the Fuller Center. The 2015 build in Lanett, AL was staffed by an all-female crew, who built a home from the ground up.

Meanwhile, her own home was in disarray. “One of the rooms is completely covered in mold and I’m a severe asthmatic,” described Robin. “The living room leaks when it rains, and the floor is soft from the termites. The ceiling is ready to fall down in a couple spots,” continued Max.

After being a volunteer for nearly a year, things began to change for Robin. After hearing that the Pierre’s were in search of a new living situation, Kim realized she had a possible solution in a Fuller Center home that was in need of rehabilitation.

“We filled out the paperwork to see if we qualified and we were approved for it, so it’s wonderful. I’m amazed,” Robin expressed.

The rehabilitation of the home is a project for volunteers during this week’s annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build. Among the crowd of volunteers around the home is Max Pierre himself, cutting wood, hammering nails, and taking it all in.

Watching his home’s progress has been remarkable for Max. “Its kind of indescribable, watching it come from what it was to what it is now and what I know it is going to be. I know we’re getting the keys on Friday but it’s going to be a shock once that happens. I can’t believe it.”


  • Max is a wonderful new homeowner to volunteer with during this week during the fuller center project week as Max has open up on day two in helping out with other volunteers as he worked me Edwin (Eddie) Proctor & wife Nicetas (Ness) as Max learn how to measure, cut, hang & mud drywall to his home while chatting to other volunteers in how he got to be this year project homeowner. Max obsevered & learn from others during the first two days of the build. Many other volunteers are also please too take part in helping out for the Pierre”s family

  • Congratulations to both of you! Robin, I’ve seen you work hard over the last couple of years…… You deserve this!


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