Combination punches

By Aaron Carmichael,
Chief Development Officer

When injury and illness call, you better answer.  I was blessed to have them both conference call me at the same time.  Injury called in first shortly behind illness.  My back had been sore and tired for a couple weeks but I kept pushing, taking no rest days except Sunday.

Well it was a Sunday when the back had enough and could stand no more.  Literally, it would not let me stand.  Later that evening and pretty much all through the night, my stomach had his turn with me.  Other than the normal aches and pains, I have escaped the last several weeks injury free and hadn’t been sick in ages.  I actually feel blessed that they both visited at the same time.  Instead of being down two weeks, or more, this slight blip has just been a minor annoyance. 

We live in blessed times.  Yes, I know there’s war raging on and there’s poverty and hunger and so many other horrible things that affect mankind.  But we also live a great technological age when medicine and therapy are readily available; where I have a nice home and warm bed to recover in and loving family and friends to support me when life is challenging.  But that isn’t the case for everyone. 
There are millions of people who don’t have a warm home and soft bed to find comfort.  Many people don’t have a support system that is there to help when times are tough.  We’re the church, WE are that support system.  WE can provide a hand-up that helps families find that warm home and soft bed.  When Jesus said in Matthew 25, “…whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me,” it wasn’t just a nice statement; He really meant He wants us to do for those who have less.  Will you join with me in helping the “least of these?”

To sponsor my ride, visit my donation page and make a tax deductible gift that will help a family in need.

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  • Beautiful! So well said and so true! We are so blessed! It is great to have to opportunites the Fuller Center for Housing offers us to be able to give back even a small amount of the plenty God has given us!


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