Collegiate spring-breakers flock South not to party but to serve

College students serving with Fuller Center for Housing covenant partners across the country — and beyond its borders — is as common a sight of spring as flowers, pollen, green grass, lawnmowers, shorts and flip-flops. While spring does not officially begin until next week, college students already are showing up on Fuller Center job sites for a full week. We spoke to students from a couple of schools — Dickinson College and Cleveland State University — who are working with the Americus-Sumter Fuller Center for Housing this week, just a few miles from our headquarters. Here’s what a few had to say about why they are spending their week here:

Dickinson College

“I wouldn’t have be doing anything else during my spring break — just working in a grocery store. This week I’m having so much fun learning how to do the work, meeting new people and learning about the organization. And, yes, the weather’s a big plus!”

Cleveland State University

“You can still goof around and have fun a little — not with the tools, of course. But the people I’m with, we’re having a good time while we’re doing this. Doing something like this instead of going to a resort just feels more real, more authentic. I feel like I’ll remember it more than doing something else.”

Cleveland State University

“It’s just the experience and the relationships you build with your teammates — and not just your teammates but people like Thad (Harris, Americus-Sumter homeowner and volunteer) and Mark (Bowen, Americus-Sumter volunteer). Just that in itself makes this experience like 20 times better.”

Dickinson College

“I think it’s just so rewarding helping people and just being able to help those in need. I like doing work instead of just staying home.”

Photo gallery of Dickinson and Cleveland State students working Wednesday in Americus:

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