College student: Time is indeed precious, and helping others is a great way to spend it

Last week, 35 college students from Springfield, Ohio’s Wittenberg University fanned out across four communities in Georgia during their spring breaks to help families in need through The Fuller Center for Housing.

Students tackled projects in Atlanta, Macon, Albany and Perry and then paid a visit to The Fuller Center’s international headquarters in Americus, where they heard about the ministry from both co-founder Linda Fuller and President David Snell.

Kenzie Hill, who was the student leader for the entire group and spent the week working in Perry, was particularly struck by something President Snell told the group. She shared her reflections on social media and has graciously allowed us to share with you, as well.


“You can donate money, but this is something which can be replenished. When you donate your time, this is something you can never get back which is what makes volunteers so valuable. They are giving up their time for this cause.”  — David Snell, President of Fuller Center for Housing

This statement has really stuck with me. People constantly say we are giving up our Spring Break of the traditional beach vacation to work on these projects. As David Snell mentioned, time is a precious thing that can never be replaced, so the word why gets thrown around quite frequently regarding our choice. Well, to me, the question should be why wouldn’t you?

When you use your time this way, the perspective of all involved can be shifted. This work brings so many types of people together, opening the door for ample learning opportunities.

When you use your time in this way, the concern will not be about getting the time back to use in a different way; you will want it back so you can relive the moments. Find something you are passionate about and jump in feet first. I promise you will not waste a single second of your life.

All the work you put in will be worth it, and after watching these trips come together over the past year, I can attest to this. I cannot wait to go through the process for next year’s trips. Thank you Perry for an amazing past two years that have made me want to continue!

Wittenberg University’s Kenzie Hill is one of the students WMAZ-TV interviewed during last week’s alternative spring break service trip to Perry, Georgia:

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