Hey everyone!
I guess I’ll start my blog off by introducing myself to you all. My name is Dan Zassick, and I am a returning rider to the FCBA. I had the great pleasure of riding the West Coast in 2012 and knew that I had to come back and ride again. I can honesty say that I am beside myself with excitement at being able to ride across the country with an awesome group and at the same time get to help others along the way.

As for today, I feel like I have a great opportunity to

really share a big part of my life with the rest of the FCBA’ers as well as share the ride with my friends and family. You see today, we departed Aurora, OH for Cleveland, OH! I grew up just south of Cleveland in a suburb named Parma and was able to help coordinate our stop for the night with some of my very close friends.  

Normally we stay in churches or volunteer centers along our route, but tonight, we are sleeping on the 3rd floor of an 110+ year old warehouse building just east of downtown Cleveland. Now that may not sound very appealing to some, however in this particular building is a remodeled Archery Club complete with kitchen, showers, living room, pool table, foosball table, and best of all some amazing friends and family that put together my favorite welcoming of the trip with more food, snacks, and deserts than could feed us for a week!
Our accommodations aside, I felt like an excited little kid going to the amusement park as we rode into town. I moved out of the Cleveland area in 2006 and today felt like an amazing homecoming. Riding through downtown past all the familiar sights was exhilarating. We rode across the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge and passed Progressive Field where the Indians play, and through downtown to visit the headquarters of the United Church of Christ. It was great to visit with them as their churches and congregations have supported us numerous times with places to stay for the FCBA has treks across the country. After a great presentation with and from them I could barely contain myself as I sprinted through the city streets of Cleveland (with the utmost safety, of course) to arrive first and see my friends and family. We were greeted with an awesome lunch and cyclist care packages to help us through the coming days! And now its nearly time for lights out and I am getting ready for tomorrow’s ride along the lakeshore to Sandusky. It’s been a great trip and an awesome day and I know there are still many yet to come. Good night, all!   

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