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What will a trip to Nepal be like?

Each trip to Nepal will be with a group of mission-minded volunteers — typically 8-20 total — who want to experience the world, meet new people, and make a difference. No skills required.

Trips last 1-2 weeks and include sightseeing in this mountainous, mysterious land of Everest, home to eight of the 10 highest peaks in the world, including the king of all peaks, Mount Everest.

You will work in the village of Trishuli, about 50 miles north of bustling Kathmandu in the foothills of the Himalayas. Set in the Himalayan foothills with the world’s tallest mountains as a distant backdrop, you’ll be working in one of the most picturesque locations on Earth. Nepal is home to 240 peaks over 20,000 feet and is where the Buddha was born as a prince, Siddharta Gautama, in 563 B.C. Buddhism and Hinduism are the officially recognized religions in Nepal, but Christianity is growing. Our covenant partner is led by Samuel Tamang, who is head of the Assemblies of God churches in Nepal and speaks good English.

Project and Country Background

For centuries, Nepal was ruled by kings. But after years of fighting communist rebels, King Gyanendra abdicated his throne in 2008 and a secular, democratic republic was declared.

It is a landlocked nation of 27 million residents that is sandwiched between India and China. It has good relations with both countries. Since the revolution that led to removal of the king, it has enjoyed peace, but frequent strikes make progress difficult. Meanwhile, in the remote hills and valleys, isolation has limited successful house building. The Fuller Center originally began working in Nepal in 2005 as our first international operation when a plague of fires during dry seasons claimed many wooden and bamboo homes.

We have already helped many families in the remote far western village of Kankad, but we have just begun in Trishuli, an area easier for work teams to reach. To accelerate the pace, we are in need of donations (give for Nepal here) and volunteers!

Typical Day


8 a.m. – Breakfast
9 a.m. – Begin building at work site
12 p.m. – Lunch
1 p.m.-3 p.m. – Continue building
4 p.m. – Evening free for dinner and relaxation

(Exact schedules can be discussed and set depending on the team’s preferences.)

Type of work

We are making and utilizing concrete blocks, a new appropriate building technology for Nepal that is less expensive than the traditional fired bricks and better for the environment. In Nepal, we are primarily focusing on new housing construction. Like most things in Nepal, the houses tend to be vertical, so we are typically constructing homes with roof structures that will be able to support additional stories for future generations.

Work will typically involve helping the masons and carpenters – laying block, stuccoing, mixing concrete, etc. At times there will be painting, and any other work related to a particular build.

We will provide necessary tools, but as with most build sites, it never hurts to bring a few small hand tools with you.

Food and Lodging

Volunteers will stay in the simple, but decent Hotel Satanchuli Nuwakot, which has western-style toilets and air conditioning. It is just a short drive from the work site.

Breakfast and dinner are available at the hotel, and lunch can be provided at the worksite.


A van or small bus will be rented to transport the group through the hills from Kathmandu to Trishuli, which takes 3-4 hours. From the hotel to the worksite, a local transportation shuttle will be utilized – it is less than a 15 minute drive. 

Rest, Relaxation, and Sightseeing

Nepal has a magnificent countryside with much to do. We expect each group to spend at least a day or two seeing the sites – or more if the group desires.

You can visit a temple, walk through an ancient palace, arrange for a guided hiking trek through the hills, or even attend a Nepali Christian worship service.  


Trips range from 7-14 days, and trip costs vary accordingly. Most two-week trips will cost $1280-1500; 7-day trips will range from $850-1000. More precise budgets are custom developed for each trip. Trips lasting 7-10 days will naturally cost less than 14-day trips.


Next Steps

As trips with openings become available, we will post them at the top of this page. To apply to join their trip, simply click "Join" next to the trip of your choice. To request more information or be put in touch with the team leader, click the "Request more information" button at the top.

If you’re an experienced traveler or team leader, or if you have a group of your own (church, school, etc.), Propose a trip to let us know what you might like to do!

Learn more on FCH Nepal’s page.

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