Church efforts to help Haiti come together like Lego blocks

The Walton Sun
By Jennie Hobbs

Area churches came together to build Fuller Center houses in Haiti that “go together like Lego blocks,” said Bob Dean.

“You can build and turn a key on the houses for only $3,000,” said the longtime Walton County community volunteer.

The $3,000 price tag is without electric and water hookups, but those can be “punched in” easily when Haiti’s infrastructure becomes equipped for it, Dean said.

Members of the South Walton Ministries Association, Christ the King Episcopal Church; St. Rita Catholic Church; Santa Rosa Community Church; Simple Faith Church and Christian International Church raised $19,500 in a week-long fundraiser recently. The proceeds will be used to build six houses in earthquake-torn Haiti.

Haiti was hit with a devastating earthquake on Jan. 12, leaving 222,570 people dead, 300,000 injured, 1.3 million displaced and 97,294 houses destroyed.

It is easy for the suffering in Haiti to be forgotten with oil spilling into the Gulf, but it is important to remember there are "10,000 more houses needed," Dean said.

The Fuller Center for Housing and Habitat for Humanity will work in conjunction with the Episcopalian Diocese and the National Baptist Men’s Group organizing mission trips to Haiti to build the eco-friendly, polystyrene foam-block houses.
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