Churches come together to fund house for Legacy Build

Churches in the Chattahoochee Valley are pooling their monetary resources to build a local resident a home.

An effort is underway to raise $60,000–the amount it takes to sponsor an entire house–to donate to the Aug. 30-Sept. 4 Millard Fuller Legacy Build.

Rev. Roy Bain serves as minister of Lanett Congregational Christian Church–the church Millard Fuller grew up attending. He and the church are heading up the fund-raising.

“Millard is remembered fondly here by the people who knew both he and the family,” Bain said. Bill Scott, the coordinator for the build, approached Bain with the idea, and the church council was happy to take part. The goal is to get as many area churches involved while raising the designated amount.

“I think it’s important for us to show our commitment to Christ, and that we can work together,” Bain said. “So that people, in general, will know that we can get along, we can do things together, and we can accomplish goals together.”

The effort has taken off despite hard local economic times. With recent factory closings, most people, businesses, and churches are hurting, Bain said. But some churches seem to recognize that the slow economy means the need for better housing is even bigger.

So far, 10 churches have pledged a combined $27,000. And Bain is still talking with churches who might find something to give, despite an original cut off for donations of June 1.

“If anyone calls and says I’ve got ‘X’ number of dollars to give, I’m going to take it,” Bain said. “I hope there are other churches that will still participate and the money will come in, but I’m going to be happy with what we’re able to accomplish.”

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