IN THE NEWS: Partnership with church key to housing resurgence in west Louisville

(WLKY-TV) No organization has been more effective at improving housing conditions in west Louisville, Kentucky, than The Fuller Center for Housing of Louisville. That’s why the Rev. Darrell Wilson teamed up with The Fuller Center for a new initiative in west Louisville to improve the "California" neighborhood “We decided to just take an impromptu survey of the neighborhood to see how many houses were available and within a three-block radius we found 109 vacant houses,” said Wilson, pastor at Greater New Beginnings Church. (Note: The reports states that a homeowner partner will have "rent" payments of about $424 a month. No Fuller Center homeowner partners pay rent. They will pay affordable mortgage payments with no interest charged and no profit made as they own their home, not rent.) To see WLKY’s complete report, click here.

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