Don’t miss Chuck Vogt’s powerful piece on gratitude in today’s Indianapolis Star

Two years ago, long-time Fuller Center of Central Indiana leader Chuck Vogt learned of a problem during his quarterly visit to donate blood. Having donated more than 8 gallons over the years, he no doubt has played a role in saving dozens of lives through the years. This time, the donation center saved his as they spotted a problem — a low white blood cell count. A follow-up visit to a doctor confirmed that he had Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia. Despite the arduous treatments that followed, Vogt kept working to help families have decent homes while maintaining his usual joyous, hopeful and optimistic outlook on life. Vogt is one of several people whose essays on gratitude were published in today’s Indianapolis Star. We encourage you to read the words of this wonderful servant leader. Scroll to the 9th essay in the list to find his piece.

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of gratitude in today’s indianapolis star

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