Georgia's Community Health Foundation raises $9,000 for Haiti

The Community Health Foundation of Macon, Ga. presented The Fuller Center a $9,000 check Tuesday to sponsor three homes in Haiti.

The Foundation is part of Community Health Systems, Inc., a business that operates nursing homes, hospitals, home health care, and a variety of other organizations that assist seniors throughout Georgia with their needs. The foundation is supported by donations from the 5,000-6,000 employees of any of the organizations that are part of CHS.

Director of the Community Health Foundation Tommy Dobbins sent out the request for designating donations to The Fuller Center in early February, raising the $9,000 in less than a month–and money is still coming in.

"I think [the cause] connected with so many people because of the devastation. People identified and wanted to reach out," Dobbins said. "We’ve had donations from five dollars to in the multiple thousands of dollars."

Dobbins has been involved with The Fuller Center for most of its existence and as a result became a friend of founder Millard Fuller. Millard introduced him to his son Chris Fuller and Chris’ wife Dianne, who also live in Macon. So when the Foundation reached the mark for three homes in just under one month’s time, he called Dianne to ask if he could present her the check.

"I was really excited," Dianne said. "Especially knowing this came from the employees."

The Foundation pools continual donations to keep on hand for crisis assistance among their employees, but in addition they regularly hold fundraising for other worthy causes as they see fit.

"When I got an e-mail from The Fuller Center about the Haiti project, I knew it was the right opportunity," Dobbins said. He’d received many requests for an opportunity to help Haiti already.

Dianne and Dobbins both hope employees of CHS can make it to Haiti as part of a work team.

"I look forward to the day some of the employees can go to Haiti and see the work being done since they’ve given so generously from their own resources," Dianne said.

Learn more about getting involved in The Fuller Center’s Haiti initiative on the Haiti page.

Or, donate to Haiti recovery now!

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