Chattahoochee Valley, Alabama & Georgia

Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project

PO Box 737

West Point, GA 31833


Executive Director: Kim Roberts

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Host to the Millard Fuller Legacy Build 2016 in Valley, Alabama Sept. 18-23, 2016

“Rally in the Valley”



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Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project hosted the 2016 Millard Fuller Legacy Build. Three new homes were built and one existing home was renovated. Click HERE for the latest photos, stories, and videos.



The Chattahoochee Valley is comprised of three municipalities in two states: Lanett, Ala., West Point, Ga., and Valley, Ala. It is located along I-85 between Atlanta and Montgomery and is an easy 75-minute drive from the Atlanta airport. The Fuller Center Founder, Millard Fuller, was born in Lanett, Ala., and spent his formative years in this textile mill community. During the last several decades, the Chattahoochee Valley area town has suffered severe economic hardship as thousands of textile manufacturing jobs in this tiny community have been eliminated and moved offshore. In January 2007, the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project (CFCP) was formed with the ambitious goal of building affordable housing and changing neighborhoods in the Greater Valley Area. Chattahoochee Fuller Center has built over 34 new homes in the last 6 years. Learn more about Chattahoochee Fuller Center’s ReUse Store on Facebook  


Donations & volunteers! For the latest information on the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project, call our VOLUNTEER HOTLINE at 706-643-8644.


Lind A Hand 2015 Build!

Check out Chattahoochee Fuller Center’s Block of Blessings Video from June 2014!

Old mill house renovated, becomes home for wounded Iraq war veteran’s family.

Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project launches ReUse Store.

One-week blitz puts two new homes in Millard Fuller’s hometown.

CFCP and Home Depot team up to help 86-year-old Army veteran.

Mom and dad are home again. “Ms. Kim, can you really make my house beautiful?”

CFCP and InterCall team up to build two new homes.

Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project sets a thriving example.




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