IN THE NEWS: Chattahoochee Fuller Center helps elderly couple reunite

(LaGrange News) After nearly five months apart, Arthelma and Mary Cato have been reunited and today, May 20, are celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary together. The elderly couple’s declining health was one reason for their separation, but it was the declining health of their home that prevented them from reuniting until now. When Kim Roberts, executive director of the Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project learned of the couple’s dilemma from friends at the local Home Depot, she secured a Federal Home Loan Bank grant to help volunteers make badly needed repairs — inlcuding installation of a new roof and windows. "This is our miracle house," Roberts said of CFCP’s first project in LaGrange, Ga.

Read more about how The Fuller Center helped this couple reunite in a safe, refurbished home in the LaGrange News by clicking here.

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