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President’s New Year’s message: Show love and be an agent of change in 2017

Another year is moving into the history books, and what a year it has been!  It seems as though we had an extra dose of challenges to deal with over the past 12 months and the news was full of tragedy and sadness.  But we survived!  And in the midst of all the heartache and […]

2016 Christmas message: Love one another and experience true joy

It’s Christmastime—the season of joy. It’s a time when we make an extra effort to be kind and giving. A quick look at the scriptures tells us why joy and these nobler traits are so much a part of Christmas. Jesus spoke of joy in a conversation with his disciples on the night before he […]

Create the kind of joy you’ll be thankful for this Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving and, again, I’m counting my blessings — family and friends, a warm and secure place to lay my head at night, plenty to eat, good health and the great gift of faith.  In so many ways those of us living in America today are among the most fortunate in the history of the […]

Gifts in kind, generous companies help make our work possible

Greetings from the beautiful community of Valley, Alabama, where we will begin our annual Millard Fuller Legacy Build tomorrow morning. Our wonderful volunteers begin raising walls in the morning on two new homes and a major renovation project that we will dedicate on Friday. From the moment we raise these walls until Friday’s hugs and […]

David Snell’s Easter 2016 message: It’s time to demonstrate our Christianity

It’s Easter, that time of year when we pause to wonder at the incomparable gift God gave us of His Son, who lived to share a message of love, who died an excruciating death to redeem us of our sins, and who was resurrected to give us the promise of eternal life. That’s a lot […]

David Snell: Louisiana flooding victims need our help

Last week, as much as 20 inches of rain fell in some parts of Louisiana in less than 48 hours. One of the hardest-hit parishes is Tangipahoa, where the very busy and effective Ginger Ford Northshore Fuller Center for Housing is based. Ginger Ford Northshore Executive Director Tamara Danel was raised in nearby New Orleans, […]

Happy 75th birthday, Linda Fuller! Your “Stop!” makes us “Go!”

  Support the #Linda75 campaign For the better part of her life, Linda Fuller has been at the vanguard of the affordable housing movement — in fact, she gets the credit for starting it! When Millard’s ambition to be a millionaire got in the way of his family obligations, it was Linda who said “Stop!” […]

David Snell: Remembering Millard Fuller’s dream of “No more shacks!”

In 1992, upon accepting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award, Millard Fuller said, “He was a man of aggressive goodwill. Because of his dreams and because others dreamed with him, we do live in a better day.” He was speaking, of course, of Dr. King, but it’s a statement that applies to Millard as […]