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Our Newest Covenant Partner: FCH of St. Joseph County, Indiana

Fuller Center Board Chair LeRoy Troyer brings the housing ministry to his hometown LeRoy Troyer believes in a working board. He is the architect and founder of The Troyer Group, a 60-person firm, and for decades traveled the world with his friends Millard Fuller and President Jimmy Carter, spreading the Theology of the Hammer and […]

More than houses

Fuller Center RV Builders make a home and a wedding very special for one family. A house can be built in just one month, but a marriage takes a lifetime. There are few better places to build a marriage and raise a family than under the roof of a safe, decent, affordable house. The latest […]

Fuller admirer brings ministry to North Shore, La.

Hammond Daily Star by Megan Mosher Millard Fuller was like a rock star to Hammond resident Tamara Danel.

 In 2005, Fuller founded a Georgia-based organization that helps build affordable homes and repair existing homes for people in need.

 Today, Tamara Danel and her husband, CPA David Danel, are carrying on his work by serving in […]