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Getting Lost in the Weeds of Plaquemines Parish

It’s easy for us on site here in Plaquemines Parish to get "lost in the weeds" (I probably should have used "swamp" instead of "weeds") of what we’re doing and accomplishing each week. Periodically God gives us a strong refresher of what we’re about. This past week we were blessed to have our many-times volunteer […]

Exciting week volunteering in Plaquemines Parish

This has been an exciting week here in Plaquemines Parish! We had teams from another Fuller Center—Jersey Pines—and St John Lutheran Church, Charles City, Iowa. Both are special—St John is associated with Joining Hands, the Iowa arm of Peg Sennett’s group, and has been to the Gulf Coast many times. You’ll recognize other names from […]

2011 in Plaquemines Parish

In June 2009, we "declared victory" over Hurricane Katrina and moved our mission to Hurricane Ike country in East Texas. As you know by now, I’ve admitted to a premature declaration of victory (I’m in good company anyway). We might have been correct in assessing a greater need in East Texas than the Mississippi Gulf […]