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House Dedications Finally Bring Home Katrina Evacuees

House Dedications Finally Bring Home Katrina Evacuees

Submitted by Bart Tucker Director Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders There’s good news abounding in Plaquemines! As most of you know, Disaster ReBuilders came to Plaquemines expecting to start work in January on homes funded by a United Way grant. As a result of different delays, that work didn’t actually begin until the end of March. […]

Update on the Flooding in Plaquemines Parish

Submitted by Bart Tucker Director Fuller Center Disaster ReBuilders We’ve continued to closely monitor the flooding situation. The Corps of Engineers has now formally announced the decision to open the Morganza spillway. That’s a big safety valve for many and disaster for those in the flood plains. The fact that this spillway hasn’t been opened […]

The Blessing of Rebirth Needed in Plaquemines Parish

I’m used to the new birth and life of spring gently reminding me that Easter is approaching. In Plaquemines, we’ve been in spring for some time. In fact, the blackberries are almost done. The result is that Easter has snuck up on us here! Thank goodness we had Palm Sunday for early warning.   Recently, […]

Progress in Plaquemines Parish-Help still needed!

Progress in Plaquemines Parish-Help still needed!

We’re making grand progress in Plaquemines Parish! Don’t get me wrong, we still need you to come for a day, a week or a month to keep our momentum! But the two complete rehabs we’re doing are in "float and tape" and looking great! By the end of today we’ll have a blacked in roof […]

Help-These families have been waiting six long years!

Hopefully, today we put the first piling in the ground for the four houses we’re building under the United Way grant. That’s the exciting news! The "not so exciting news" is that we’ve been notified this week that we no longer have 200 days to complete these houses. We now have to have them done […]

Getting Lost in the Weeds of Plaquemines Parish

It’s easy for us on site here in Plaquemines Parish to get "lost in the weeds" (I probably should have used "swamp" instead of "weeds") of what we’re doing and accomplishing each week. Periodically God gives us a strong refresher of what we’re about. This past week we were blessed to have our many-times volunteer […]

Exciting week volunteering in Plaquemines Parish

This has been an exciting week here in Plaquemines Parish! We had teams from another Fuller Center—Jersey Pines—and St John Lutheran Church, Charles City, Iowa. Both are special—St John is associated with Joining Hands, the Iowa arm of Peg Sennett’s group, and has been to the Gulf Coast many times. You’ll recognize other names from […]