Program Coordinator: Angu Andreas


Though Cameroon enjoys relatively high political and social stability compared to most other African countries, about a third of its 22.6 million people live below the international poverty threshold of $1.25 a day (U.S. dollars).

The Fuller Center for Housing of Bamenda, Cameroon will focus first on repairing and building new homes in the Baingo, Mbingo and Belo communities. Because 52 percent of families living below the poverty level are headed by women, The Fuller Center expects a significant proportion of its work to benefit rural women and their children.

In rural areas of Cameroon, most houses are built with mud or wattle-and-dub with thatch roofs that require constant maintenance. Often there are no toilet facilities, so villagers are forced to use woods near their houses. These poor living conditions lead to frequent disease, illness and additional economic, emotional and physical strains on families.

House sponsorship cost: $6,500

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