Boundary County Fuller Center for Housing

P.O. Box 423, Bonners Ferry, ID, 83805

Teresa Rae, President

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Boundary County Fuller Center for Housing (BCFCH) is located on the majestic Kootenai River in beautiful Bonners Ferry, Idaho. We serve the most northern part of the Idaho panhandle, just 30 miles from the Canadian border. With over 20% of our families living below the poverty line, almost 60% of children in our county qualifying for free or reduced lunches, and the doubling of home prices in our area since the pandemic, the need for low-income, livable housing for our impoverished families is HUGE. Our organization has been in existence since 1993, and our goal, simply put, is to build a better community, one house and one family at a time. We are currently seeking our next partner family through July 7, 2023, with the intent to start building in the early fall of this year (2023). If you are interested in our program, you can find us on Facebook at Boundary County Fuller Center for Housing, or you can contact Teresa Rae at 208-946-6582.


Family gets new home in Bonner’s Ferry

Partner family selected for house that will break ground in May 2019