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Susan Pratt
FCBA cyclist

Today  was magnificent.  Yes, our shirt says we bike, speak and build.  We have been biking some of the most beautiful and challenging routes I have ever been on for the past six days and speaking at some of the churches.  Yet, this day, we did our first of many builds.  It started out with two very generous gestures. John Tallman picked us from the school in a stately green Fort Sherman bus.  He drove us to the nearest McDonalds (in Kellogg), where McDonalds treated all thirty four cyclists and crew to breakfast.  There we met two new members of our group, Caleb Hopwood and Jim McCracken. Caleb will be here this weekend and Jim will be riding with us for the week. 

All satiated, we continued on to Darnell Kriederman’s home.  There was no time for rest.  We divided up into four teams: painters, roofers, sheet-rockers and insulators.  Ten of our crew painted the inside of Darnell’s house, while the other teams put up sheetrock in her basement, put on a new roof on her shed and put insulation and OSB on the exterior of her house.  With an extraordinary amount of teamwork, we accomplished our tasks and more.  We even were able to install a couple of windows.  I had so much fun.  I ended on the top of a metal roof nailing studs in order to support the insulation and the OSB.  Because the roof was wet from rain, I had the opportunity of a lifetime … to slide down the roof, but managed to stop myself before falling off the edge. 

Lunch was served at the Silver Valley Worship Center where we had homemade wraps, the best pie ever, and some hot apple cider.  All cold and weary, we took a photo in front of Darnell’s home and headed back to Wallace High School.  Our day didn’t end there.  We had loads and loads (and that’s an understatement) of laundry to do…thanks laundry team, then were treated to a fabulous fried chicken dinner.  Wow.  Did that ever hit the spot.  Dinner gave us a chance to talk about all that we accomplished and to bond more with our fellow cyclists.  This is my third Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure and I must say that each time, we are bonded not only by our mission to eliminate poverty housing, but by our desire to put God’s Words into Action.  We are undoubtedly a family.  And the more we share, the more we find we have in common. I look forward to many fabulous days ahead.

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  • Thanks for the post, Susan – and for giving your time and energy to the FCBA again. I pray for a great, safe ride for all of you.


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