Biking in the Midwest

Hi, my name is Bob Hibma. I grew up on an Iowa farm and I am a retired corn and soybean farmer. I was 60 when I started bike riding, and over the last 16 years I’ve been on week long organized rides in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska, and have ridden several thousand miles on our Iowa county blacktops.

I heard about Fuller Center from my daughter Alice, who is riding Chicago to Astoria, Oregon, and I am joining the segment to Sioux Falls. 

After yesterday’s steep grades and head winds, today’s 97 miles was a pleasure. It’s also a pleasure to meet teammates from California, Oregon, Florida, Maine, Pennsylvania, Australia, and places in between, who are experiencing the Midwest for the first time. Tomorrow we’ll ride along the gently rolling corn and soybean fields of Iowa. 

One of things that surprises me most is how the churches open their hearts and buildings to us. Close second to that is how the team cares for and looks after each other.

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