Bike Day One! Atlantic City to Tabernacle NJ

By Dani Schenk

Hey All! We kicked off our first bike day today with a splash as we dipped our back tires into the Atlantic Ocean. Followed by our traditional first day devotion, "God´s Bicycle" (made famous by Tony Campbell on the inaugural bike trip).
After leaving the stop light ridden blocks of the city behind us we headed off across the Pine Barrens and into some adventures.The roads were smooth, the shoulders wide, and the wind minimal…our main obstacles? The turns! Some of our speedier riders missed some turns and added some extra miles onto their rides, but don´t feel too bad for them; those fast people can handle an unexpected 68 mile ride!

We had a few slight mechanical misha
ps, but thanks to Mike the Mechanic and some brute force in the form of slamming a bike tire on the ground now all tires are true and riders are fine!
When the first bike group, brought in by our fearless team leader Melissa, reached Lord of Life Lutheran in Tabernacle, we were greeted by an amazing welcome team, and some traditional Jersey food (for those of you wondering what that is, we had hoagies!!)

Now we are excitedly waiting for a BBQ and bon fire! (It was great!) If all of our rides are this smooth and hosts so friendly we are in for a fantastic summer!

Oh and here is a very special haiku crafted for your reading pleasure by the one and only Lydia:

I like to ride bikes
I am on this adventure
Oyee for us all

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