Ryan Iafigliola

Active rest

By Ryan Iafigliola Ahhh. Sunday has arrived. After a long, but terrific, first week that featured build stops with Fuller Center partners in Atlantic City, NJ and Philadelphia, PA and more rolling hills than anyone would wish to count, a day of rest was welcomed. In our first two years of this adventure we used […]

Day 7: Family

By: Kathryn Grossnickle This morning after a great warm breakfast spread prepared by the pastor and the men of the church we had our morning devotion.  Jack started it off by reciting a poem that he wrote.  The poem was called Natchez Poem When I started out I felt strong and stout But as I went […]

Day 6: Building stairways to home

By: Molly Fulghum Thursday started early at 6:30 a.m. with a hearty and delicious breakfast cooked by some of the gentlemen of Parkway Baptist Church.  We are extremely grateful to them for starting so early in the morning!  This was following a huge variety of home cooked dishes prepared by the church members for dinner the […]

Getting the team together

By: Liz Bellantoni What do you get when you mix 36 cyclists from across the country, one of the best bike routes in the U.S., and the opportunity to raise awareness and money in support of the Fuller Center’s efforts to provide affordable housing to those in need? You get an amazing start to the 3rd […]

"Away" in a Manger? More like "Nearby."

By: Ryan Iafigliola A few years ago, my church and the Fuller Center learned about the situation of a family with three boys living here in Americus, Georgia. They were living in a double-wide trailer home with roaches infesting the walls, holes in the floor, and in need of a wheelchair ramp for the disabled […]

Entering a new era in Bike Adventure leadership

Background (By Ryan Iafigliola, Trip Leader 2008, 2009 and 2010; Trip Founder) Two years ago I was pulling together the Niagara Falls to New Orleans Bicycle Adventure at a time when we were also working hard on a Haiti response and working to double the size of our Global Builders program. The Bike Adventure, so […]

Africa – Thoughts for Thanksgiving

by Ryan Iafigliola Director of International Field Operations It’s Thanksgiving Day. A time to be with family or friends and count our blessings. It’s a rare moment for most of us, for although we vaguely realize that we have been given much, on a day-to-day basis it seems that we can’t help but get caught […]