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Millard Fuller Memorial Highway–unveiling ceremony

Georgia State Representative Randy Nix, Alabama State Representative Duwayne Bridges and Lanett, Alabama Mayor Oscar Crawley joined together Saturday, August 14th, 2010 to unveil a new sign naming a portion of U.S. Highway 29 the Millard Fuller Memorial Highway (MFMH). More>>

Millard Fuller listed as Top 30 innovator

The Hearthstone BUILDER Humanitarian Awards program will join with BUILDER Magazine’s 30th Anniversary celebration to honor the leading innovators in the home building industry from the past 30 years.

Leaders and visionaries who have shaped the home building industry–among them Millard Fuller–will be honored at a one-of-a-kind event. More>>

Remembering Millard, one year later

On Feb. 3, 2009–the day he passed away–Millard Fuller, founder of The Fuller Center for Housing and Habitat for Humanity, spent the morning taking part in The Fuller Center’s monthly covenant partner conference call. More>>

Auburn University alumni magazine features Millard Fuller

Auburn University featured Millard Fuller (a 1957 graduate) in the Fall 2008 edition of its alumni magazine. Click here to read the award-winning article about Millard’s life and career entitled, “God’s Man: The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of Millard Fuller.” More>>

Millard Fuller Remembered on CBS and in TIME Magazine

TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year issue remembered our founder, Millard Fuller, in their section of Fond Farewells. Millard was also remembered on the CBS Sunday Morning show on Dec. 27 as part of the "dearly departed" segment. We thank these two news outlets for paying tribute to The Fuller Center’s founder. More>>

Congress honors life and work of Millard Fuller

Both branches of the United States Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate, passed resolutions this month in honor of Millard Fuller, the founder of The Fuller Center for Housing. This is a significant honor and a unique recognition given only to the most distinguished American citizens. More>>

Memorial service celebrates life of Habitat Co-founder Millard Fuller

A memorial celebration was held over the weekend as a tribute to Millard Fuller, the millionaire entrepreneur who gave it all away to help establish the Christian house-building charity Habitat for Humanity. More>>

The New York Times: Millard Fuller, 74, who founded Habitat for Humanity, is dead

Millard Fuller, who at 29 walked away from his life as a successful businessman to devote himself to the poor, eventually starting Habitat for Humanity International, which spread what he called “the theology of the hammer” by building more than 300,000 homes worldwide, died Tuesday near Americus, Ga. He was 74. More>>

"Building Materials" Q&A with Millard Fuller – 2007

"My hope is for people to put this book down with a good feeling in their hearts. All the chapters serve a different purpose," says Millard Fuller of his 10th book, "Building Materials for Life, Volume III." More>>

Wealth of the spirit – 1993

Millard Fuller, tall, lanky, and 58, speaks with the slow, easy phrasing of the American South. Somewhere there too are the cadences of Southern churches.

"To me some of the poorest folks in the world have a lot of money in the bank, but their lives are characterised by a poverty of spirit, a poverty of values and a poverty of experience," he says when asked if he misses the millions he gave up before he was 30. More>>

There’s no place like home – 1987

Meet one couple who never worried about keeping up with the Jonses. Twenty-three years ago Linda and Millard Fuller were the Jonses. They had the right cars, the soon-to-be-built mansion and the cabin on the lake with two speedboats, and they’d made it to the top by their own hard work. More>>

A bootstrap approach to low-cost housing – 1989

"Make no small plans," somebody once reasoned, "For they have no power to stir men’s blood." Millard Fuller has always acted on that advice. He was worth a million dollars by his 29th birthday, but then decided to pursue a more ambitious goal: "the elimination of poverty housing in the world." If you want details, Fuller, a tireless and persuasive salesman, is more than excited to talk about his plans. They are large. More>>

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